13" Spalted Elm Salad Bowl


This 13" salad bowl was turned from a heavily spalted piece of American Elm (Ulmus americana) and features a form is simple but elegant that really lets the beauty of the wood show through. The outside profile is a simple curve that features a raised cove at the rim, which creates a distinct shadow line and provides the perfect place for your thumb when you pick the bowl up. The top of the rim is inward sloping and the inside is undercut to provide another shadow line and visual depth the piece. A subtle reverse curve foot at the base gives the form a little visual lift when it is sitting on a table or counter. Finished with several coats of food safe hardwax oil (Osmo "Top Oil") and then buffed to a pleasing satin sheen, this bowl is ready to go to work in your kitchen or dining room.

Dimensions: 94 mm high x 330 mm wide

Weight: 459 g

Date Created: Sept. 24, 2023


Date Sold: Oct. 8, 2023

Project Type: Bowls

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